You give your heart to  me
and I give you mine.
In every second we breathe
my inhalation synchronizes
with your exhalation
– we are of one breath.

In our youth
and in our maturity,
we are partners
in this journey called life.

With all the uncertainties
I feel so grounded in you and I,
for I am in you and you are in me.

I have prayed for,
may have prayed for,
will continue to pray for,
our union
in every incarnations prior and after.

This is one Samsara
I’d rather continue
through the dukkha,
hurricane storms,
and roller coaster rides.

This one attachment
I’d rather keep as human.
One suffering I’d rather experience
if it means I can love you for eternity.

For I am in you and you in me
and I am human,
I love you as I love myself,
in our own humble humanity.



i undulate
and land
embedded in you

you vibrate
and i
absorb you

there is no bridge
it is a serendipitous synchrony


Life, so be it
So be the force
To push and pull
And tear away…
To meet on the other side
Of this membrane
Into abyss
Into nothing that can hold you
The same way that the womb has

Fall into the beginning
Of the count down to your last breath
With the first breath you take
Full of possibilities
Full of destiny coded
Into its own molecules

The DNA of your history
Born out of all your ancestors
Transcribed before your conception
Your name given before
You can voice your own

They call it Life
I call it
This free choice
Isn’t my own to make
This existence
Isn’t my own to create

They call it Life
I call it Stifled Strife.

Bits and Pieces


Poet, O Poet, on stage
messiah who speaks
the truth, artist who
paints inner landscapes
on to mediums.

With You

Making love is poetry
written by two bodies,
like tongues entwined
to create new language
steeped in spirits and vibrato.

In taking, you give.
In being taken, you give.

Surrender yourself
and let borders fade.

a poem

this is a poem
about a poem
about a thought

about the sun and the moon
and the typical allegory

about the face of surfaces
polished to a shine

this is a poem
about nothing

what i feel today
cannot be abstracted

this is a poem
about the nothing that is everything


In infancy
is where our amorphous world starts

I am here
with you in ambiguous space

No map or landmark
to mark the journey we take

Only our heartbeats
to tell as sonar waves

Locate me
in you
you in me

I am not lost
until I lose you

I am found
when I find you

Your light is
life in darkness

So stay because
your imprints are in me

And I want
to nestle in you

to cradle home
we hold within

you, my heart
you, my breath
with you, our birth


this world is cold
removed from the warm
touch of another human

separate and distinct
as if that is what will
make one a radiating star

the sun a star
derives energy from fusion
in merging of two nuclei

this heart is cold in decay
this life seeks warmth in connection

this body wants to burn
with fever of life