fluid as a river flow
to the ocean
do i elude you?

ah, but
i am everywhere

see the clouds in the sky
see the rain that fall

the snow on mountain peaks
the underground water beneath rocks
the tributaries that merge into the river
the moisture roots drink for the trees

the juice from fruits the trees bear
the ice in your japanese high ball
the egg that you love to fry every morning

the tears that fall from eyes to cheeks
the secretions that come from bodies

this fluid embraces you
i am here to stay in all forms
even when you expel me
and i dissipate into invisibility

we were made in fluid
in our mothers’ wombs
held in fluid
until the water broke



night after night
on korean drama marathons

the ups and downs and
yearnings of the protagonist
caught between two lovers
i breathe as oxygen
to my weary heart

addiction to the nostalgia
of our pure love

these days the drama app
has been abandoned

i’d rather
run miles around the universe
with you
climb the ups and downs of
our own drama

we are the protagonists
we write our own scripts
the poetic ramblings of two lovers
and random scribbling of wild hearts

addicted to procreation
of our pure love

we can finally tell our story




Kisses for Lover

Every now and then, words that say love you
Without talking, sounds of breath intakes
Quietly, looking with serious looks
Fingers touching, holding on firmly

These are
kisses for lover

Other than lips,
with all of the body
kisses have been given.




Far but near
near but far
butterfly cannot
return home to stay, with her
yet always there by her side
without disruption
even in the bosom
tattoo has been inked

dance of the butterflies

Love was never straight

we didn't know where the map was
too many paths and no

un-formed then
we had to grow up

moving along
a    long    way
taller       closer
      shorter      farther

supposed we never moved
we were always there
as we are now

the heart may flutter but
its flight soars in unison between lovers
each one of us a wing

and like the dance of the butterflies


The river on the arm of my lover
is the vein that runs through
                      a love story

I run my fingertip upstream
to nestle
downstream to embrace

eyes kiss the curves that bend
we slumber in its wake

Science of me.

Biology is motherland:
her life-giving inheritance
and life-sustaining ecosystem
she gives me history and destiny

Chemistry is intersubjectivity:
our molecular bonds
and formulaic reactions
we create optical isomers for each other

Physics is the structure introjected:
field of dynamic energy
and the uncertainty principle
we are atomic matter pulsating wavelengths within us

In Physics, the black hole can absorb the universe without trace
– a loss paradox

and the science of me observes
(formation of a galaxy)/(collapse of a supernova)